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Have you tried ordering your PCBs from a manufacturer before? Did you also experience complex order forms and charges for every add-on? For extra drills, plated holes, inner millings, ENIG finish? We had the same problem and came up with a solution that includes all you need to get your project done: Beautiful Boards. Industry-grade manufactured circuit boards starting at just €6.13.

Your project’s requirements are our standard

We only charge by dimension. Why is that? You may have chosen a technology like elongated or plated holes for a reason. Because it accomplishes your project’s task. And that is all that matters. How those technologies get on your board is a production problem and shouldn’t be a constraint for you. That is why Beautiful Boards come with a flatrate for everything. Unlimited plated and unplated holes. Unlimited inner & outer millings. Top & bottom white silkscreen. Two layers, green soldermask with ENIG finish. Beautiful Boards are made to let you focus on your project’s needs.

Electronic prototyping is an iterative process. Have you ever opened a long awaited PCB order and realized that you had uploaded the wrong project version? All that time and money wasted for nothing. With our version control, you have full control over all of your iterations. Easily jump between them and see exactly what you order with our board visualization. You will receive exactly what you see in the online renderings. Always guaranteed! And if you ever need to make changes to your design after you placed an order, just upload your new version within one business day and we will produce that version instead.

Stay on top of your project’s iterations

Develop your project from prototype to production

Is migrating from prototyping to series manufacturing causing you endless headaches? Usually prototype manufacturers aren’t suited for series production. For Beautiful Boards we have partnered with a serial manufacturer that is trusted by the German car and the medical industry. Your Beautiful Boards inherit series production parameters like extra durability, standard support for 100µm trace width and TG135 FR4 material. This allows you to make a smooth transition from prototype to production without the need to change the manufacturer later.

Did you ever receive circuit boards that didn’t function as expected, and you didn’t know why? Due to the way circuit boards are made usually only ⅔ of the circuit boards survive an electrical test. But did you know that with a few design tweaks you can improve the survival rate immensely? Manufacturers don’t want to tell you because that would reduce their production capacity. Instead they let you work with an imperfect design which will crash in series production later. Not with us. 100% of our Beautiful Boards are electrically tested. We will inform you of any possible problems. So that you can be confident and improve your design in the next run.

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Beautiful Boards

Printed circuit boards starting manufactured in two business days at just €6.13.

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Durable 100µm stainless steel, properly framed, double sided for free if needed.

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Your project fully assembled. Affordable as always, starting at just €0.00.

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