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Your LibrePCB project as a Powerful Prototype

Today we are happy to announce that LibrePCB joins our family of natively supported PCB Design tools. From today on LibrePCB users can directly upload their project’s file without having to worry about exports.

LibrePCB is an open source design tool that is a new, powerful, and intuitively built for everyone. We met the maintainer of the project Urban at FOSDEM 2018 in Brussels where he elaborated on the problems he tried to solve with his implementation of a new PCB Design software. Interestingly enough, we shared the same vision on the future of design and manufacturing and how software should simplify these processes. This got us super excited and we decided to start supporting LibrePCB projects natively, and to even take it a step further.

What does this mean for LibrePCB’s users?

A LibrePCB project automatically imported on AISLER

You can drag-and-drop your zipped project file starting today to create a new project on AISLER. In addition, we will be working on an integration to automatically import the bill of materials. As a starter, we will support the CSV import for the parts.

With each order at AISLER, LibrePCB users will support the future development of their favorite PCB Design tool, as we will be donating 10% of our revenue from LibrePCB projects. In addition, we will work on a solution to provide every LibrePCB AISLER customer with the option to donate additional money as part of a new order. This won’t be live just yet (the 10% donation will be), but we are working on that and plan to release that in the middle of December.

Start your design, Prototype and repeat!

Many thanks to Urban and the LibrePCB team for making this happen. We love Open Source projects that are built with the users problems in mind, and we hope this collaboration will help make electronics development easier and more accessible to many more.