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AISLER is introducing ⚡Blitz Manufacturing ⚡ Three business days, affordable for everyone!

Design, Build, Test, Repeat. As often as you like. Making it affordable and easy-to-do. So that you are not afraid to break things but instead keep on iterating and improving your design. A prototyping service so simple and yet affordable, it would be accessible to humans, not just specialists. That’s what we had in mind when we started building our service three years ago. A lot of love and work-hours later, we look back and can say, these ingredients have turned out quite nicely.

Today, I’m proud to announce, we will start offering a new key ingredient: Beautiful Boards ⚡ (Blitz), which means we will manufacture all your orders within two business days. Starting today everyone can enjoy Blitz-Manufacturing with boards made from AISLER. The nice part: it won’t cost a dime extra. So the only thing that changed in the order bar is the beautiful ⚡Emoji added to the Beautiful Boards.

AISLER Order bar with Blitz Manufacturing

So what’s the catch?

There is none really. But to understand that I want to let you into a little secret. Manufacturing PCBs is not that complicated, it is just a simple equation that involves loyal customers. So if prices hike for speedier delivery, they are either to improve the bottomline of the manufacturer or they are simply higher because that manufacturer lacks the mass to afford the speed. Since we don’t have a problem with loyal customers and prefer to make our service affordable to everyone instead, we need neither. Hence, you won’t have to pay extra for SuperSwift, Express or a special two-day turn, we just call it our Simple Service’s Default. Everyone should benefit, not only a handful!

A new product Beautiful Boards HD

In addition, we are adding a new product called Beautiful Boards HD. Many customers have requested access to an even finer and better manufacturing technology standard. Something that that is suitable for High-Density Designs. To cater these requests, we have added Beautiful Boards HD. This offering uses more sophisticated tools to manufacture your board down to the finest pitch, smaller drills and finer millings. As it involves more fine-grained technology this offering will start with a four business day manufacturing lead time and hence will also be dispatched within a week of your order. Again, it won’t cost you a penny extra, so you don’t have to base your decision on your wallet’s size but rather on what’s important for your project.

Blitz Manufacturing selected Spec overview screen

The Result

We believe that cost is a major impediment to access. With today’s release, we hope to make local manufacturing in Europe even more accessible to everyone. Want to know more about the technical tidbits, feel free to head over to our knowledge base.