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Join us in attending KiCon the first ever gathering for KiCad users

We have previously posted about our commitment to support the KiCad community by providing a simple way to donate to the project. It’s a thriving open source project which now takes the next big step. Thanks to the organizer Chris Gammell Chicago’s mHub will be hosting the first ever KiCad KiCon this month. Tickets are selling out fast, so if you want to attend – it’ll be on April 26th and 27th – get your ticket on Eventbrite now.

This conference is catered to KiCad users and it spans hardware design, revision control, scripting, manufacturing considerations, proper library management and getting started developing the underlying tools. All talks have been listed on the conference’s site. Additionally, there will be contests, roundtable discussions with the developers and hands-on demos to deepen knowledge of hardware design and using KiCad.

Is this a conference only for current users of KiCad? No! Attendees will learn general concepts around PCB design, hardware creation and developing products for the market. Attendees include hardware and software developers from around the world, including members of the core KiCad development team out of CERN in Switzerland.

Patrick, our CTO, will be holding a talk about letting your KiCad design become a reality but there are so many other amazing talks, so it is definitely worth it. We will also participate in a panel discussion with other manufacturing experts from OSHpark, Royal Circuits, and SnapEDA. So we believe this will be an amazing event for every KiCad fan.