TLDR; Our electronics manufacturing service is about to take a giant leap forward with our new partner Fritzing. From today on, Fritzing Fab is proudly powered by AISLER. We are happy that this giant step will bring great improvements both for Fritzing’s and AISLER’s users, as well as provide Fritzing with a sustainable income to finance its future open source development.

AISLER: From your Fritzing sketch to your professional PCB

A match made in heaven

Fritzing has simplified the way we document electronics and has created an easy-to-use, trusted and established tool for authors, teachers, novices and experts alike to create electronic prototypes. Fritzing is loved by more than 150,000 active users for making electronics documentation simple and has spawned and supported entrepreneurs in their undertaking to quickly spec and prototype their idea.

Just like Fritzing, we are deeply rooted in the maker and open source culture. In addition, we also share the drive to simplify electronics, just with a slight twist by focusing on simplifying electronics manufacturing. In addition, we both deeply care about sourcing components as regional as possible to support our local eco-system. It is therefore just a logical step, to join forces and combining simple electronics documentation with a simple tool for manufacturing electronics.

Top improvements for Fritzing users

Our cooperation will start with circuit board manufacturing but will expand to so much more than this. Here’s a brief list of quick wins for Fritzing users.

Production renderings and a project repository

We will automatically render previews of imported Fritzing files, so it’s so much easier to spot mistakes. This is essentially a rendering of what you would hold in your hands a few days after your order. We provide a way to easily manage projects online.

AISLER: Pre-Production rendering of a Fritzing project

One-click order and post-order updates

Ordering is just one click away on the project’s page. Additionally, with a grace period of two days, every user can update the order even after a revision has been ordered.

AISLER: Update an order after the original order was made

More affordable, industry-grade quality

Our PCBs will be delivered in matte green finish and golden pads and come from our trusted series manufacturing fab that usually manufactures for the automotive and medical industry. In addition, we can cut the price to a third compared to the old fab service.

Close up shot of manufactured Fritzing prototypes

Top improvements for all users

All users will greatly from this strategic collaboration. Not only will we greatly benefit from Fritzing’s expertise in interaction design, but also will this allow us to lower manufacturing lead-times significantly. We have promised that we won’t ever charge for express delivery and with the help of Fritzing’s users we will achieve an even better guaranteed delivery time. But that is not all. As part of the collaboration we have already started working on great new features, that will be released soon.

The outlook

PCBs are just the start. With Fritzing as a strong partner, we will roll out new features. Next on will be the ability to purchase parts in combination with PCBs — also assembled if required. All users will also be able to publish and sell their projects on our marketplace and earn every time somebody else orders their project. And most importantly: every time a Fritzing design is involved, we will contribute a large portion of the revenue back to Fritzing and allow Fritzing to improve their excellent tool. We are on a joint mission to make hardware less hard for everyone!

If you have read all this, you now may understand why we are totally thrilled about the collaboration and why we are so happy to work closely together. Check out if you want to test it out. We are looking forward to hearing your feedback!