Greetings everyone!

In these past weeks we have been spending quite some time driving, flying and getting quick bites on the road. While getting out of the office some time and seeing different locations is always fun, the most fun comes from meeting our customers and fellow makers on the faire grounds. Because not everyone of you gets to go to every event we attend, I put together a little summary of our latest travel adventures...

OSHCamp - Hebden Bridge, UK

Patrick and Oliver travelled to Hebden Bridge to take part in this year’s OSHCamp. Back at the office, Oliver had this to say about the event: “Really interesting talks, especially on topics like ‘from project to kit’ and ‘garden automation’. Friendly maker colleagues and a beautiful city.” Coming from an engineer that is all about efficiency, also in communications, this is a real laudation. So congratulations to the organizers for an amazing event.

Patrick's lightning talk at OSHCamp

Maker Faire Eindhoven

Of course we didn’t miss the chance to come to Eindhoven for the Maker Faire! This time we brought two super fun projects. First of all we wanted to spark the kid’s curiosity in electronics. Luckily our friends from Freie Maker e.V. built a mini production line to assemble a little LED light. It was really amazing to see the sparkle in the kid’s eyes when they had successfully built something themselves and proudly presented the results to their parents! The second project we brought was a soldering workshop together with Anouk Wipprecht to assemble her popular #HighTechEdelweiss. Especially with Oktoberfest coming up, it was a fun way get people started with electronics tinkering.

Felix at Maker Faire Eindhoven

Maker Faire Hannover

Maker Faire Hannover was once again an amazing class reunion of Europe’s makers. The great conversations and tour through the hafven (Hannover’s most awesome Maker- and co-workingspace) sure were my personal highlights! This will not have been the last time we attended.

Pirate Summit - Cologne

In Cologne we attended the famous Pirate Summit. Europe’s craziest startup conference. Coming here is also always fun, in part because of the amazing location. It is held at Odonien, a Mecca for creative people. The scrap yard is filled with fire breathing sculptures and other artwork of all kinds. Just the #creativegenius we love!

After a day of great conversations, making new connections and inspiring talks, it was time for the Burning Pirate. Where we symbolically burned everything that was keeping us from building even better services for our customers. So be sure that we are extremely motivated to keep providing you with great products in the future.

AISLER at Pirate Summer Cologne

Of course there are many more events coming up. We are always happy for recommendations, so if you think we should come to an event you are attending yourself or if you are even hosting one, be sure to send us a quick email to Looking forward to meeting you!