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AISLER ❤️❤️ US Manufacturing

TLDR: Powerful Prototyping just became more powerful for all of our American customers: We now offer local manufacturing in the US. From now on you will automatically enjoy state-of-the-art US manufacturing quality and dispatch speed from the US if you place an order with a US address. And it comes at the most affordable price on the planet, guaranteed.

Service whereever you are

Our goal is to make prototyping as fun and effortless as possible. We want to take away the friction of electronics manufacturing and allow any engineer — no matter the skill level — to go from prototype to series production easily. This also means you shouldn’t need the stupid logistics shebang, such as customs forms, hidden shipping fees, or trade tariffs barge on you. Well today, for all our customers in the US this is a thing of the past, and by the way: we are on a mission to prove it is affordable to buy local. Guaranteed!

Local standards and support, compliance included

Ever needed to ensure that your designs are compliant? Compliance is difficult or expensive to get from overseas: No matter whether you buy in Europe or Asia. Try to reach your supplier; if you are lucky they speak a bit of English. Not anymore: Affordable prototypes dispatched from the US ensure you will always abide to local regulations and hence can trust your prototype can be manufactured and certified in series.

Part of AISLER’s DNA is to only partner with the best and highest quality manufacturers so that you always get the same boards you would run a series with. We hence abide to strong US manufacturing and safety standards and can hence guarantee to provide all required certificates. Just ask! Also, we have beefed up our support capabilities: we added support for US time zones, so now there is a direct connection into our company serving you at day-time. All of this comes free of charge.

Local dispatch is always more affordable

But wait, this is expensive, right? Asia is more affordable. Well, bullsh_t! We have proven in Europe that local dispatch and manufacturing is more affodable than anything else. So don't be fooled by people that tell you it's faster and cheaper to dispatch from Asia. A local company is always faster. You don’t even have to factor in shipping costs, trade tariffs and customs handling. Even without that, manufacturing high quality ENIG 2-Layer boards is cheaper when purchased locally for small quantities. We are so sure that we have crafted a new programm we call our AISLER best-price guarantee. Should you find a more competitive offer somewhere else, we will match the price and reduce its price by 10% guaranteed. Take this Asia!