Daily news from AISLER and Friends

Introducing MOUSER as supported distributor for Precious Parts

AISLER Precious Parts is receiving a signifant upgrade today. With MOUSER we have added another distributor to the mix, enlarging the amount of parts that you can select from significantly. In line with that we will be adding more distributors in the future.

Understanding the problem of compon


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Introducing AISLER Smart Tests – Your Electrical Tests on Steroids

Today we are introducing AISLER Smart Tests. A new way we run electrical tests. We believe the way the industry runs electrical tests is conceptually flawed and we wanted to provide a better solution to allow you to make your design more robust for production.

tl;dr Electrical Tests are now base...

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🛍💶 Simple manufacturing now also sports simple pricing 💶🛍

We recently refactored our pricing scheme, because, well, it got too complicated.

So why change a winning team? If a price calculation is hard to explain, you have a problem. If you need a programm to calculate your price, you have an even bigger problem. So, we went back to square one and discus...

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AISLER is introducing ⚡Blitz Manufacturing ⚡ Three business days, affordable for everyone!

Design, Build, Test, Repeat. As often as you like. Making it affordable and easy-to-do. So that you are not afraid to break things but instead keep on iterating and improving your design. A prototyping service so simple and yet affordable, it would be accessible to humans, not just specialists. Tha...

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AISLER ❤️❤️ US Manufacturing

TLDR: Powerful Prototyping just became more powerful for all of our American customers: We now offer local manufacturing in the US. From now on you will automatically enjoy state-of-the-art US manufacturing quality and dispatch speed from the US if you place an order with a US address. And it comes...

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Join us in attending KiCon the first ever gathering for KiCad users

We have previously posted about our commitment to support the KiCad community by providing a simple way to donate to the project. It’s a thriving open source project which now takes the next big step. Thanks to the organizer Chris Gammell Chicago’s mHub will be hosting the first ever KiCad KiCon thi...

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Supporting KiCad

In this article I will talk about the new partnership between the CERN & Society Foundation/KiCad and AISLER and our motivation behind it.

From the early days, the open source spirit has always been a part of AISLER. We use open source software every day and love the community that has formed arou...

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Your LibrePCB project as a Powerful Prototype

Today we are happy to announce that LibrePCB joins our family of natively supported PCB Design tools. From today on LibrePCB users can directly upload their project’s file without having to worry about exports.

LibrePCB is an open source design tool that is a new, powerful, and intuitively built f...

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1+1>2 — AISLER now supports TARGET3001!

Today we are happy to announce a new partnership with one of Germany’s leading electronics design software companies. TARGET3001! is an easy to use software that has proven to be a good fit for electrical engineers of all (st)ages.

With this new integration we aim to make electronics a little bit...

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Fritzing Fab is now powered by AISLER

TLDR; Our electronics manufacturing service is about to take a giant leap forward with our new partner Fritzing. From today on, Fritzing Fab is proudly powered by AISLER. We are happy that this giant step will bring great improvements both for Fritzing’s and AISLER’s users, as well as provide Fritz...

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AISLER On The Road

Greetings everyone!

In these past weeks we have been spending quite some time driving, flying and getting quick bites on the road. While getting out of the office some time and seeing different locations is always fun, the most fun comes from meeting our customers and fellow makers on the faire gr...

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Releasing Joseph to the Public

We’re happy to announce that during FOSDEM 2017 we released our libgerbv ruby bindings called Joseph to the public. Already in use at our processing backend it is now open to everyone dealing with Gerber files.

Joseph allows easy reading and writing of Gerber aka. RS-274-X files. In the past this...

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